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Arlene’s Yoga Classes in July 2024 at @Yoga Studio in Kichijoji.

I am the spokesperson for @Yoga Studio, a yoga studio in Kichijoji and Gotanda, Tokyo!

We are pleased to announce Arlene’s schedule for July!

Yoga class to improve your concentration!

Schedule for July


【Power yoga】

Every Saturdays 12:30-14:00
Every Tuesdays  13:00-14:30
Every Thursdays 13:00-14:30

Power yoga is a dynamic and fitness-oriented style of Yoga that combines strength, flexibility, and breath control. 

It often involves a faster-paced sequence of poses, providing a more vigorous workout compared to traditional Yoga styles. 

This is a Japanese-friendly English-led Yoga Class. Please feel free to come and join us! 


Drop-in 3,000 yen 
Tickets are also available.

Class Reservations

Vinyasa yoga(Gentle Flow)
Every Tuesdays 15:00-16:30  
Every Thursdays 15:00-16:30
July 19, 2024   13:00-14:30
July 26, 2024  13:00-14:30

Gentle Flow is a Vinyasa-inspired Yoga practice with the flowing movements in gentler and slower pace. It is an ideal option for those who want to have a relaxing practice. 

The instruction of the class is in English but don’t worry, it is also Japanese-friendly! All levels are welcome, please feel free to join. 


Drop-in 3,000 yen 
Tickets are also available.

Class Reservations



I began my Yoga journey in 2016 after experiencing back pain while working as a nurse. I’ve been amazed at the benefits Yoga has had on my mind, body, and soul. Yoga helped me recover, and I believe many others can benefit from it too! Since then, I’ve started learning more about Yoga with the hope of effectively sharing it with everyone.

The primary language of instruction in my class is English, but don’t worry—it’s also Japanese-friendly! Immerse yourself in English while learning Yoga. I’ll guide you through a comfortable Yoga practice that allows you to unleash and nurture the flow of energy within you. Whether it’s a gentle or powerful Yoga asana flow, I’ll do my best to create a joyful and loving practice for you. I look forward to our Yoga class together!


・Certifications: 200 hr YA E-RYT, 50-hour Yin Yoga, 50 hr Aerial Yoga, Kids Yoga
・Facilitated multi-level Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Aerial Yoga for adults

・Co-founded Ananta Yoga Studio in the Philippines

・Collaborated with Yoga studios in the Philippines and an English school in Japan for Kids Yoga

・Facilitated Cacao Ceremonies (interactive gatherings with Cacao drinks; often accompanied by meditation, dance, Yoga flow, and sound bath)

・Taught onsite and online

With the practice of yoga, we grow every day, no matter how old we are!

Reservations for Studio Classes

Reservations are accepted until just before the class starts.

If there is room, you may come directly to the studio to take the class.

After the class start time, the reservation screen will be hidden.



Miho’s Yoga Classes in 2024 July at @Yoga Studio in Gotanda.

Miho’s Yoga Classes in 2024 July at @Yoga Studio in Gotanda.

吉祥寺と五反田のヨガスタジオ@Yoga Studio(アットヨガスタジオ)の広報担当です



しっかり動いてから、MIHO先生のガイドで長めのお休みの時間で 深いリラックスを!



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